Coda Audio – Hearing is believing

Our culture

Our unique set of attitudes, values, goals and practices provides a culture that sets us aside, and more importantly, ahead of the competition. These include:

•    Sound is our passion - this is the value at the heart of what we do.

•    We strive for innovation and invest heavily in research & development rather than just marketing. We are leaders and we are not afraid to be the first to utilise new technologies.

•    Our commercial aim is to give audio professionals excellent products, designed without compromise at competitive prices. The exceptional price point of our products ensures a quicker Return on Investment (ROI).

•    We publish real technical data. While others often use expanded marketing driven explanation resulting in unrealistic parameters which look good on paper, we deliver actual performance data in a conservative way.

•    With 180 employees, we are one of the largest pro-audio companies in Europe. We produce everything (drivers, hardware, enclosures, crossovers & other electronics) in-house. This approach ensures we maintain extensive control of all aspects of quality control. We are ISO9001-2000 certificated and are able to meet all our technical and commercial goals and bring products to market quickly. Very few companies are able to do all this in-house.

Technical goals

With our culture, it comes as no surprise that we have a long list of technical goals:

•    Uncompromising sound quality is fundamental.

•    Always use highest quality loudspeaker components providing ultra low distortion, reliability and optimised transient response. We avoid making compromises just to achieve commercial acceptance.

•    No compromise in the concept, it must be physically and technically correct.

•    Coherent wave front (Cylindrical or Spherical).

•    Low crossover point from highs to lows for better coupling and unproblematic placement of the system. Use high excursion drivers for the low/mid range even in small systems to allow low crossover of the top cabinets and ensure less distortion at high levels.

•    System compatibility - every product is part of a system solution, optimised for best performance.

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