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Adlib Tones Up With New Coda ViRAY System

Monday 21. January 2013 14:18

Liverpool based rental specialist Adlib supplied lighting and audio for the most recent tour by the UK’s hottest vocal harmony group, The Overtones. The ‘Higher’ tour played a variety of venues in a six week stint around the UK in the run up to Christmas, and resumes in Europe in early 2013.

Adlib’s Alan Harrison was systems tech for all things audio, and ensured that Adlib’s brand new Coda Audio ViRAY system was optimised to perfection daily for FOH engineer Mark Clement.

This was the second tour outing for Adlib’s new ViRAY system purchased shortly after its official launch in October, it follows the outstandingly good results that have been achieved with Adlib’s other Coda systems.

The ViRAY uses the same revolutionary driver format as Coda’s LA series and is light weight and ideal for an academy / town and city hall venue tour like this. The 25 Kg weight per speaker means they can get reasonable amounts of boxes into the air in most places.

In its largest format on The Overtones, they flew 16x ViRAY speakers a side together with three SCV-F flown subs at the top of each array, with four Coda SCP-F dual 18 subs a side augmenting the bottom end on the floor.

Coda C10 comparator amps and DN260 crossovers were used to drive all the Coda elements. Working on a sensor feedback system, this significantly helped fine-tune the whole system which, comments Harrison, in the process made the subs exceptionally “Clean and musical”.

He comments that the ViRAY system overall has been “Fantastic” to work with and given all the flexibility needed to fit into the different spaces, sounding excellent everywhere, both flown or ground stacked. “I have really enjoyed working with it,” he concludes.

For infills, they used Adlib’s proprietary cabinets as balcony fills and Coda G-Series for end-of-balcony fills. The Adlib cabinets were powered by Labgruppen PLM10000 amps.

Adlib account handler Phil Kielty commented, “We’ve been fortunate and had a buoyant year at Adlib, finished off perfectly with one of Warner’s top selling artists! The band are unique and put on an amazing live show which is loved by their fans! Behind the scenes, Paul Allen, Mark and Christiano all head up a relaxed and smooth running production”.

Date of issue : 5th January 2013

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