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Punch for Punchlines

Thursday 17. August 2017 09:17

Adlib Selects CODA Audio AiRAY for Russell Howard UK Arena Tour

Russell Howard is firmly in the front rank of British comedy. He is an award-winning stand-up, familiar to audiences worldwide, who effortlessly translates his sharp wit and intelligent delivery from the small screen to the largest arena. Liverpool based Adlib recently supplied the audio for the UK leg of Howard's latest 'in-the-round' arena tour and a team led by George Puttock worked closely with the star's FOH engineer, Simon Lawson, to ensure that this one-man-one-microphone tour achieved perfection every night. CODA Audio's AiRAY system was specified by George to ensure that every word was delivered to every seat in the house, every night. Excellent sound quality and projection, precise horizontal control and unrivalled light weight, coupled with being quick and easy to rig, made AiRAY an irresistible choice.

The core system comprised 8 hangs of 8 x AiRAY with 8 x ViRAY downfills each. These were flown either side of four LED screens rigged at cardinal points about the stage. Each gig saw a completely bespoke variation of the system rigged and optimised to suit the exact conditions and nuances of the room. George took advance account of the significantly differing natures of the venues in order to make sure each night was perfect.

CODA Audio’s Linus 10 amplifiers were suspended from an inner truss placed in a square behind the eight hangs, to facilitate neat cable management and short speaker cable runs. In addition to CODA Audio’s Linus Live control software, Adlib designed a bespoke power control and monitoring solution providing individual control and monitoring of each amplifier from the ground. “We couldn’t risk having any circuit breakers in the air, with the inability to reset them mid-show" comments George.

Audio was transported using CODA's LINET signal distribution system, primarily for its absolute zero latency and high resilience. LINET was also perfect due to the long cable runs often encountered in getting to the centre of the arena from the control position. All the processing and control was managed in the flown amplifiers; the signal being sent there from the DiGiCo SD9 FOH console. Russell Howard does not use IEMs, so six CODA Audio TiRAY were flown on the ‘East’ and ‘West’ sides of the stage for monitoring. Twelve more TiRAY positioned around the lip of stage provided front-fill, their tiny form factor being ideal for sight-lines and the cameras.

“Using this CODA AiRAY system was the best solution for this scenario because it’s SO predictable - it does exactly what the software tells you it’s going to do and that makes for a very easy day on site" says George, adding enthusiastically, "it was a splendid tour - the team and system delivered, which meant that there was lots of laughter throughout, from both audience and crew!"

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