LINUS Live Software

Next Generation Remote Control

Graphical user interface for LINUS products

All LINUS communication is via Ethernet using secured TCP and UDP protocols.

Allows fast and flexible system configuration, tuning and control, intuitive and straight forward system design.

LINUS Live operates, controls and monitors LINUS Racks and is applicable for touring and installation applications starting from 1 to 99 modules.

Flexible audio input matrix configuration for LINET and analog audio inputs (with fallback option).
Modules can be controlled via multiple groups layers which deliver a perfect overview, quick operation and control.
Unique tuning tools allow a quick and easy system tuning generating a linear phase at any time.
The software bundle includes all necessary data, such as the complete preset library for the full Coda Audio product range.
LINUS Live can be used in offline mode for future event preparation, loading the required system definition into the LINUS modules onsite to save time.


LINUS Live 1.2.3 is now available for download. This new version offers a better performance and a flexible operation.



Download Windows version 1.2.3

Download MAC version 1.2.3


Download folders include:

  • LINUS Live 1.2.3
  • Preset library appendix
  • Start up manual
  • Linus System Quickstart
  • Preset Builder Startup
  • Time alignment sheet
  • Installation guide
  • Release Notes
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