Coda Audio’s LINUS system racks, LINUS RACK20 and LINUS RACK40, provide complete housing and system connection solutions for all Coda Audio line array and SC systems.

The touring variants with an internal shock-mount steel suspension system ensure maximum protection to the LINUS amplifiers. The design also features a rack to rack connection system allowing for flown or ground stacked positioning and the connection point for the transport system.

The racks also provide an advanced front facing cable connection patch panel and rear mounted AC mains distribution system designed to facilitate quick and accurate set-up.

In addition, the LINUS DSP platform provides factory presets for all Coda Audio product. Therefore, along with providing FOH system control, these racks can be used for applications such as; monitor system, delay systems, zoned systems, in fact wherever you need power & processing for your Coda system. The LINUS touring racks have an advanced set of technical and physical solutions that will deliver across all application areas. Smart in design highly durable in construction and constant in delivering highest possible results, the rack design completes the Coda Audio systemization concept for touring/temporary applications.

The installations racks LINUS RACK20i and LINUS RACK40i provide a non-shock-mount / AC distribution for fixed installation. Both maintain the same LINUS amplification and patch panel systems which allows continuity for venues that may need to increase installed systems size/location on temporary basis with ease from local hire networks.

“LINUS Technology” delivers in all areas to all audio professionals.


19”/7U System Rack including 2x LINUS10, LINUS PAN4, Internal Cable set, 1x PD32
19”/11U System Rack including 4x LINUS10, LINUS PAN8, Internal Cable set, PD32-6
19”/10U System Rack including 3x LINUS14, LINUS PAN-T, Internal Cable set, PDU-T
19”/3U Mobile Rack including 1x LINUS14, LINUS PAN-M, Internal Cable set
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