Arrayable Point Source

ONE for ALL - The most flexible solution for medium size applications.


  • 3-way Arrayable Point Source 
  • Unique 9” Dual Diaphragm Curved-wave-driver (DDC)
  • Dual 10" neodymium ultra low distortion cone drivers
  • APS-COUPLER sums the energy from all transducers to perform as a single source
  • Integrated rigging system for horizontal or vertical arrays as well as Single use
  • Variable horizontal coverage: 120°, 90°, 60° or asymmetrical: 105° (45°+60°); 90° (30°+60°); 75° (30°+45°)
  • Variable vertical coverage of 20° (one cabinet), 40° (two cabinets), 60° (3 cabinets) etc. up to 360° (18 Cabinets)
  • Linear phase response for superior fidelity 
  • Frequency range: 50Hz – 22kHz 
  • Exceptionally high sound pressure 
  • Multiplex enclosure with Polyurea coating for extreme durability and water protection
  • Subwoofer extension down to 28Hz with APS-SUB
  • System integration with LINUS amplifiers


The APS is a compact 2x 10” / 3-way arrayable point source that combines the user-friendliness of a point source with the perfect arrayability of a line array creating a unique category reinforcement system for medium size venues.

Now, one system can do many jobs. As a single speaker, stage fill or a main array, the flexibility of the APS system allows users to achieve repeatable, superior results in small to medium size applications with a single, simple, elegant and flexible solution.


The real world challenges of many installations require designers to use several different loudspeaker systems to achieve their goals. In a single theater application the demands on a loudspeaker position can range from wide coverage to more focused, from high or low sound pressure from fill systems to mains arrays, etc…

Now a sound designer can specify just one system for everything.

•    Point source providing flexible coverage

•    Arrayability allows additional sound pressure and further dispersion options

APS arrays provide a coherent sound and a coherent look making it simple to integrate in dance clubs, theaters, house of worship, live venues, sport facilities, small stadiums and in almost all medium sized venues.  

Mobile users
Scalable, cost effective system package for corporate events, clubs, small open airs, bands, DJs and almost all small to medium applications. Its flexibility means it has a job to do on every event large or small.


APS systems incorporate Coda’s most advanced technologies including a patented DDC-Driver (Dual Diaphragm Curved-wave-driver), the unique APS-COUPLER and linear phase DSP processing.

Dual Diaphragm Curved-wave-driver (DDC)
At the heart of the APS is a patented 9” dual diaphragm 20° curved-wave-driver. Each driver is in fact a 2-way coaxial system employing two concentric annular ring diaphragms. Each diaphragm covers a smaller frequency range for increased power handling, high dynamic and extremely low distortion.

The larger annular midrange diaphragm covers the frequency range 400 - 6500 Hz with a smooth, linear response. The extended diaphragm excursion of max. + / - 0.8 mm results in high output and increased power handling up to 1300 W peak.The ultra light annular diaphragm for the high range offers exceptional transient response with very high efficiency from 6 to 22 kHz.

This distinctive new transducer was engineered to radiate a true coherent 20° curved wave front form a rectangular piston without internal diffraction for superior dispersion control and high fidelity sound.

The patented design is a result of extensive, dedicated research and development providing dramatic improvement in dynamic response, clarity and transparency.

Low frequency
The APS contains double 10” neodymium ultra low distortion cone drivers with 3” voice coils. The new developed extreme efficient long excursion drivers have high flux linear motors with four demodulation rings for constant inductance, ultra low distortion and reduced power compression.

The carbon fiber diaphragm minimizes the moving mass while improving cone stiffness and internal damping to achieve high sensitivity and outstanding clarity.

The APS-COUPLER sums the energy from all transducers into a large mutual horn that performs as a single source, without phase destructions achieving a coherent and uniform wavefront.

In fact the horn occupies the entire front of the cabinet increasing efficiency and providing uniform power response and directivity control over a wide frequency range.

The large waveguide for the DDC driver enables perfect acoustical loading down to 400 Hz with excellent horizontal pattern control through the mid/high range. 

The two 10” cone drivers are symmetrically loaded to the APS-COUPLER using multiple, optimally spaced slots to increase the distance between their acoustical centers, providing consistent coverage down to 300 Hz and additional sensitivity of 6 dB over 200 Hz. Backwards the two cone drivers are port loaded to extend the low range of the system down to 50 Hz.

The DDC driver cover the range 400 Hz to 22 kHz while the double 10” work from 50 Hz to 800 Hz. In the 400 – 800 Hz range all drivers work together, dramatically increasing the maximum SPL output capability of the system.

To maximize precise coverage, and therefore maximize application results, user selectable horizontal coverage of 120° / 90° / 60° or asymmetrical: 105° (45°+60°); 90° (30°+60°); 75° (30°+45°) are available, allowing for very accurate audience coverage, reduced possibility of reflections and resulting in outstanding system intelligibility.

Vertical coverage is variable by simply adding elements: 20° (one cabinet), 40° (two cabinets), 60° (3 cabinets) etc. up to 360° (18 cabinets).

APS is a fully integrated sound reinforcement system including LINUS amplifiers as an integrated solution for DSP control, amplification, I/O audio routing, network remote control and diagnostics. The touring package comprises transport dollies, rigging accessories, protection covers etc.

An additional APS-SUB provides an extension down to 28 Hz.

Designed for installation and touring applications, the APS is perfectly suited for theaters, houses of worship, corporate events, clubs and touring.


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