• Active electronic loop control unit for the SC8 subwoofer
  • Two balanced inputs
  • Two balanced outputs
  • Two sensor loop control inputs
  • Frequency loop control 25 Hz (-3 dB)
  • Two sensor indicators

The C2 Comparator is the active electronic loop control unit for the SC8 subwoofer. The unit includes two balanced audio inputs and two outputs as well as two sensor control loops connected to a 5-pol Neutrik XLR input. The Comparator’s electronic circuit loop measures the voice coil excursion of the SC8 subwoofer and corrects the signal, significantly decreasing distortion. The unit is set for flat frequency response down to 25 Hz (-3 dB).

Speaker connection
The SC8 subwoofer should be connected to the C2 Comparator and a stereo amplifier (2 x 3000 W @ 8 Ohm) using a special hybrid cable (two loudspeaker cable + two symmetric control signals in one cable).


System components:

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