High Output Point Sources


• 2-way coherent point source
• Double 5” coaxial system
• Compact and versatile
• High power handling of 300 W (AES)
• Symmetrical coverage of 100°
• Superior sound quality
• Optimized for near-field applications
• High output before feedback
 System integration with LINUS amplifiers  


Dual 5” coaxial system, 300W, 100° conical and fixing points  


The HOPS5 is a passive 2-way system with an exceptionally high output-to-size ratio and wide coverage of 100° x 100°.
The cabinet contains a 5”/1,75” Neodymium coaxial driver and an additional 5” low frequency driver.
The advanced design aligns the acoustical centers of the transducers to produce a single point source. This unique loudspeaker technology provides a coherent wave front without hot spots. Precise directivity ensures uniform coverage with perfect time alignment between the components.


At the heart of the HOPS5 is the new developed 5”/1,75” Neodymium coaxial driver. The 5” cone covers the 60 - 1.500 Hz range with high efficiency and smooth, linear response. Three aluminum shorting rings reduce inter-modulation distortion; minimize induction variation while reducing thermal compression. This design reduces dramatically the distortion of at longer excursion levels, and improves the overall sound quality providing deep and punchy bass. The high frequency driver contains an ultra light 1” VC annular diaphragm providing exceptional transient response with very high efficiency from 1.2 kHz to 20 kHz. This new transducer was engineered to radiate a single source, coherent 100° wave front for superior dispersion control and high fidelity sound. 


In the low range both 5” drivers are overlapped increasing the maximal SPL of the system and providing an improved directivity control. 


The HOPS5 is designed to work with dedicated Coda Audio LINUS5-C or LINUS10-C amplifiers as an integrated solution for DSP control, amplification, network remote control and diagnostics. The integrated solution ensures optimal performance and protection.


The system is optimized for near field applications in small to medium venues where compact size, high output, superior dispersion control and high fidelity sound are required.
Ideal choice for corporate events, product presentations, exhibitions, small live reinforcement systems, DJs, small nightclubs, A/V rooms, stage monitor, front fill, under balconies and more.


Additional colours and weather protection options are available on request.

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