Coda Audio offers a wide range of loudspeaker systems for every installation application from small conference rooms up to the large stadiums.

Reliability, esthetic, various kinds of installation accessories and superior sound quality together with competent installation partners worldwide makes Coda products the first choice for outstanding quality installations.

The installation range consists of the D-Series, G-Series, D-Core active Sub / Sat Systems, CoRAYi line source column systems, and line array solutions, like the ultra compact TiRAY, compact ViRAY systems or the large AiRAY line array systems, as well as OMNIO5 and KTV SOUNDBAR for special requirements.




Public halls


Clubs & karaoke

Bars & restaurants 

Hotels & theme parks

The Stones Hotel and Entertainment Complex, Bali

Iconic Melbourne Athenaeum

Musical "14-18" by Studio Haifax, Mechelen, Belgium 


Systems Overview:

Small venues

The D-Series is perfect for distributed sound in pubs, bars, restaurants, retail outlets, airports, places of worship, theme parks, exhibition centers and everywhere where short throw, high fidelity sound, even wide-dispersion characteristics as well as esthetical appearance are required.

D-Core - Ultra compact installation Systems including processing and amplification, ideal suited for bistros, restaurants, pubs, shopping centres, convention centres, multimedia, churches or small clubs.

The G300-Series is ideal suited for small sized installations in small theatres, clubs, houses of worship, conference rooms and broadcast. They can be mounted to walls or ceilings, special hardware kits for almost every kind of installation are available. 

Medium-sized venues

The Coda Audio CoRAY4i system is an ultra compact 2-way installation line source column speaker systems offering high quality solutions for many acoustically difficult environments, optimized for fixed installations.


The G500-
is ideal suited for me-
dium sized installations
in theatres, clubs, houses of worship, conference rooms and broadcast. These 2-way systems can be mounted to walls or ceilings, special hardware kits for almost every kind of installation are available. 

TiRAY ultra compact line array systems offer perfect system solutions for installation in clubs, convention centers,houses of worship, sports venues, theatres, musicals, ballrooms, and auditoriums.

Large venues

The G700-Series 3-way systems are perfectly suited for large scale installations in theatres or large clubs. The extended accessories range allows almost every kind of installation. U-brackets and special hardware kits are available.

ViRAY compact line array systems are perfectly suited for installation applications in clubs and live performance venues.

High output AiRAY
systems provide touring grad performance in large installation applications such as arenas, theaters and large houses of worship.




Special Applications

The KTV SOUNDBAR is an all-in-one 2.1 sound system, 3-way coherent point source technology delivering true full range performance. 

OMNIO5 ultra compact 2-way Omni-directional system with 5”/1" coaxial driver. The single point source providing true 360° horizontal dispersion. It is optimized for outdoor use (solid aluminum enclosure).



DSP + Amplification:




19"/ 2U 4 channel DSP amplifier for fixed installations, small touring and portable applications, delivers 4x 1250 W / 2 Ohms


19"/ 2U 4 channel DSP amplifier for fixed installations, small touring and portable applications, delivers 4x 2500 W / 2 Ohms



Coda Audio's installation racks LINUS RACK20i & LINUS RACK40i including connector panel PAN4, LINUS10 2-channel dsp + amplifier with built in dual comparator.


digital audio transport and distribution


Digital Audio Transport and Distribution is an essential part of Coda Audio total system solutions. LiNET transmits up to 8 digital audio signals with low latency at very long distances.

It is an extremely reliable, easy to use solution for all professional applications requiring high performance redundant digital audio transport and distribution.

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