3-way symmetrical high output Line Array System

  • Three 4" neodymium planar wave driver (patent pending)
  • Four 3.5" coil neodymium mid range drivers
  • Twin 12" neodymium ultra low distortion woofers
  • 100° horizontal coverage
  • Variable curving 0° to 8°
  • Outstanding SPL capacity at very low power compression
  • Highest output to size ratio
  • Highest output to weight ratio
  • Superior sound
  • Integrated rigging system for flown or ground-stacked arrays

The AIRLINE LA12 is a 3-way symmetrical high output line array module, designed for large venues where high fidelity sound and outstanding intelligibility is required.

State-of-the-art drivers

Low: The cabinet contains two 12” neodymium ultra low distortion cone drivers covering the range 50 Hz – 400 Hz. The double 12” long excursion drivers contain high flux linear motors with triple demodulation rings for ultra low distortion and increased power handling.

Mid: Our goal was to generate very high resolution and high dynamic range. To achieve this we developed a special transducer which works in the mid range as a pure piston without the breaking up modes typical for direct radiating small cone drivers. Another aim was to increase the sensitivity and get outstanding headroom in the very important mid range. The AIRLINE LA12 contains four 3.5" voice coil neodymium mid range drivers with unique ring diaphragms covering the 350 Hz - 1700 Hz range. Loaded to advanced hyperbolic lenses they achieve very high sensitivity of 116 dB 1 W / 1 m above 300 Hz. This means that the drivers need less power to produce enormous high SPL and work almost at less than 10 % of their nominal power handling. Therefore the ability to reproduce peaks is unique and is practically only limited by the electronics. This patented design is a result of extensive dedicated research and development resulting in near zero power compression, dramatic improvement in dynamic response, clarity and transparency.

High: The three 4" HF planar wave drivers contain unique annular ring diaphragms to radiate a coherent planar wavefront without internal diffraction. This distinctive technology allows perfect acoustical coupling for superior dispersion control and high fidelity sound.

Coherent Wavefront

The tri-axial V-arrangement of the low, mid and high frequency drivers ensures coherent coupling between all components. The high frequency planar wave drivers are mounted in the middle, close to the mid-range hyperbolic lenses. The twin 12" drivers are optimally placed to provide a constant horizontal directivity above 200 Hz.
This arrangement combines the energy produced from all 9 transducers to perform as a single source achieving a coherent and uniform wavefront.


The modules are designed to be used in multiples with a minimal configuration of six. Up to 24 units can be arrayed to achieve extreme high levels needed for the largest venues. The use of SC8 / SC8F subwoofers increases the low frequency response.
The integrated rigging system allows quick and easy flying or ground stacking. Arrays may be built straight or curved in various angles to obtain the desired vertical coverage. The Coda EASE Focus simulation software allows you to calculate the perfect setup for every application.
Designed for large scale touring and installation applications the AIRLINE LA12 is perfectly suited for open air, stadiums and large theatres where outstanding output capacity and low power compression are needed.

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