Ultra compact TiRAY Line Array Systems

Coda Audio line array systems present our commitment to advanced technology offering high fidelity sound, even wide-dispersion characteristics and high SPL.

The TiRAY ultra compact line array systems include the TiRAY two-way full range line array
module, the TiLOW 12” bass extension.

Coda TiRAY ultra compact line array systems are designed for a wide range of venues
where high fidelity sound and outstanding intelligibility are required. Optimized for use
in installations, they offer perfect system solutions for clubs, convention centers,
houses of worship, sports venues, arenas, theatres, musicals, ballrooms, auditoriums
as well as club touring and corporate events.

TiRAY ultra compact line array systems give audio companies a complete flexible plug
and play solution for a wide range of applications.

The integrated rigging system (TiRAY and TiLOW) and dedicated accessories allow
quick and easy flying or ground stacking.

The Coda EASE Focus II simulation software allows you to calculate the perfect
setup for every application.


TiRAY system components


                              2-way full range line array, 300 W,
                              2 x5" ultra low distortion cone drivers + 5" HF
                              neodymium planar wave driver, 100°, 9.9 kg




                            Bass extension for TiRAY,
                            12” woofer, 20 kg




EASE Focus II Software

Coda Audio EASE Focus II is a three-dimensional, acoustic simulation software for the configuration and modeling of line array systems and of adjustable loudspeakers, such as digitally steered columns.


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