Sensor controlled Bass Extension for ViRAY

  • Increases the long throw capability of ViRAY
  • Enhances the systems low frequency headroom
  • Overlaps both the low range of ViRAY and the SCV-F / SCP subwoofers reducing the need for additional subs
  • Provides 15” sonic signature

  • Compact 2x 15” sensor controlled bass extension
  • Extended frequency range 35 - 200 Hz (-6 dB)
  • The feedback loop control ensures extreme fast transient response and ultra low distortion
  • Flyable or ground stackable in cardio or omni configurations
  • Rigging is compatible to ViRAY and SCV-F
  • SC2-F arrays can be curved for perfect time alignment with ViRAY
  • System integration with Coda Audio amplifier racks


The SC2-F is NOT a subwoofer, it is a sensor controlled bass extension system operating in the range 35 - 200 Hz which overlaps both the low range of ViRAY and the SCV/SCP subwoofers providing essential more energy and control in the lower range of the system.
Incorporating dual 15” drivers in a compact, vented enclosure it provides a distinctive 15” signature punch to the system.


The drivers contain an integrated velocity sensor that measures the diaphragm movement in real time, compares it with the input audio signal and adjusts the amplifier driving voltage and/or current, correcting any driver inaccuracy. It is a self-optimizing, closed feedback-loop in which the driver confirms precisely the power it needs to accurately reproduce the original audio signal. The key advantage is a very extended and controlled response. Any distortion produced by the driver or the enclosure is instantly corrected by the feedback.
Sensor controlled technology surpasses conventional subwoofer designs by offering measurable and clearly audible advantages in the impulse response, group delay, waterfall and the distortion domain.  The reduced group delay results in extremely accurate and musical bass reproduction. The sound quality is far in advance of conventional port loaded systems.


The SC2-F is equipped with two extremely long excursion 15” neodymium ultra low distortion drivers with integrated velocity sensor that measures, compares and controls cone movements. The neodymium motor delivers extreme high magnetic flux for increased efficiency. The 4” voice coil is 36 mm high, ensuring ultra linear excursion of 26 mm / pp at consistent magnetic force. State-of-the-art carbon fiber cones ensure maximum stiffness and low moving mass. Three aluminum shorting rings reduce inter-modulation distortion, minimizing induction variation whilst reducing thermal compression. This design reduces dramatically the distortion of a typical subwoofer at longer excursion levels, and improves the overall sound quality and performance characteristics of the cabinet. The sensor is in fact an additional voice coil connected to the loudspeakers voice coil in a high precision, magnetically shielded system. 


The SC2-F is designed to work exclusively with dedicated Coda Audio amplifier racks as an integrated solution for DSP and sensor control, amplification, network remote control and diagnostic.
The integrated solution ensures optimal performance and protection.


•    SC2-F flown beside or on the top of ViRAY array (35 - 200 Hz) - increases the array length and enlarges the system long throw capability
•    SC2-F flown behind the ViRAY array (35 - 100 Hz) - provides a distinctive punch to the system
•    SC2-F in array between ViRAY cabinets (35 - 200 Hz) - avoids balcony reflections
•    SC2-F ground-stack with ViRAY (35 - 200 Hz) - compact and powerful solution for smaller venues


Standard RAL colours and weather protection options are available on request.

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