3-way high output ultra low profile stage monitor

  • 3-way coherent point source technology
  • 15” / 1.4” triaxial transducer
  • 60° x 90° elliptical waveguide
  • Outstanding audio quality
  • Ultra low feedback
  • Integrated hardware for increased dispersion
  • Powerful low frequency response
  • Mechanically durabile
  • Discrete cables connection
  • Passive or bi-amp operation
  • Light weight

The cabinet contains a triaxial transducer incorporating an extremely high power 15” neodymium cone driver and a 1.4” coaxial compression driver concentrically mounted to the woofer and loaded by a 60° x 90° elliptical waveguide.
The advanced design aligns the acoustical centers of the transducers to produce a single point source. This unique loudspeaker technology provides a coherent wave front without hot spots. Precise directivity ensures uniform coverage with perfect time alignment between the components.

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