2-way self-powered full range system

  • Compact self-powered, bi-amped full-range system
  • 1” compression driver
  • Conical waveguide for better directivity and less distortion
  • High SPL, superb quality sound
  • Optical limiters for state-of-the-art protection
  • Vertical or horizontal use
  • M6 suspension points and air cargo flying track

The AP8 is a compact two-way self-powered full range system
incorporating two high performance mosfet amplifiers.
The integrated control electronic includes optical limiters for
each channel, 24 dB phase-aligned asymmetrical crossover, EQ and provides a perfect match between amplifiers and loudspeakers for optimum acoustic output and reliability.

The system contains an 8" high excursion woofer and a 1” high frequency driver mounted on a 90° conical waveguide. The AP8 has been engineered to produce powerful low frequency response and very clear top end with linear phase and frequency response up to 30 kHz.

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