Omni directional 2-way installation system


  • Ultra compact 2-way Omni-directional system
  • 5” ultra low distortion driver with triple demodulation rings
  • Coaxially mounted 1" annular diaphragm superb quality HF driver
  • Single point source providing true 360° horizontal dispersion
  • Superb quality sound
  • Solid aluminum enclosure (all RAL colors)
  • Optimized for outdoor use

The Coda OMNIO5 is a passive Omni directional 2-way 5”/1” coaxial loudspeaker system designed without compromise to provide coherent 360° wave front without hot spots in an ultra compact package.
The advanced waveguide design aligns the acoustical centers of the transducers to produce a true 360° uniform coverage with perfect time alignment between the components.


At the heart of the OMNIO5 is the newly developed 5”/1” coaxial driver. The 5” cone driver covers the 80 - 1300 Hz range with high efficiency and smooth, linear response. Three aluminum shorting rings reduce inter-modulation distortion; minimize induction variation while reducing thermal compression.
The coaxially mounted high frequency driver contains an ultra light 1” annular diaphragm providing exceptional transient response with very high efficiency from 1 kHz to 20 kHz.
This new transducer was engineered to radiate a single source, coherent wave front for superior dispersion control and high fidelity sound.

The OMNIO5 is designed to work exclusively with dedicated Coda Audio amplifiers (C3 / C5) amplifiers as an integrated solution for DSP control, amplification, network remote control and diagnostic. The integrated solution ensures optimal performance and protection.
The aluminum enclosure is optimized for outdoor use and is painted using a two-part, paint/sealant process,
first appling the colour application to the cabinet, followed by a clear, protective second coat sealant 

All RAL colours on request. The overall height of the cabinet can be modified to fit specific mounting requirements.
An optional 100 V / 70 V version on request.

OMNIO5 can be used in a wide range of installation applications such as:
Theme parks, beaches, hotels, airports, retail outlets, sport events, museums, congress centers, bars, restaurants, swimming pools, private property etc.

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