Coda Audio offers a wide range of system solutions for every touring application from small club tours up to large stadiums.

Superior sound quality, reliability, compact size and easy handling make Coda Audio systems the first choice for touring and rental companies.

Our worldwide distributors' network will help you to get the required products, services and technical support everywhere in the world.  


The touring range includes the line array systems, such as the high output AiRAY, compact ViRAY and ultra compact TiRAY systems; each including a variety of transport and rigging accessories.

In addition to the line array systems, our touring products include the CUE-Series ultra low profile stage monitors, the G700-Series multifunctional full range models and the CoRAY4 line source column speakers.


Open airs & festivals

Arenas & stadiums

Public halls & political events

Theatres & musicals

Stage monitoring


Oslo – November 2013, large LA12, ViRAY system powers Volbeat arena tour Read more...

Kassel, Germany - July 2014, Wilhelmstal Open Air Festival LA12 system by Ambion Read more...

Daresbury Estate, UK - August 2014, Adlib at Creamfields


Systems Overview:

Line Array Systems

The AiRAY is a fully integrated compact 2x 12” / 3-way line array system, designed for wide varieties of applications where high output, even coverage and outstanding intelligibility is required.
The unique package brings together the high output of a large system with the flexibility of a compact system creating a new category in large reinforcement systems.



ViRAY compact line array systems are perfectly suited for medium sized touring applications in all kinds of venues.

Dedicated hardware also allows the ViRAY to be used as a down-fill with AIRLINE LA12 large line array systems.




TiRAY ultra compact line array systems offers perfect system solutions for smaller and medium sized tourings, specially for corporate events, sports venues, theatres, musicals.


The G700-Series 3-way systems are perfectly suited for large scale installations in theatres or large clubs. The extended accessories range allows almost every kind of installation. U-brackets and special hardware kits are available.

Line Source Column systems 

Coda Audio CoRAY4 systems are a ultra compact 2-way touring line source column speaker systems offering high quality solutions for many acoustically difficult environments, optimized for touring and temporary installation use.


Stage Monitors

The CUE-Series –3-way high output ultra low profile stage monitors are perfectly suited for touring applications where highest output and outstanding sound quality are required.



Coda Audio Sensor controlled subwoofers are suited for various touring applications where high precision and deep bass are needed. The Sensor controlled subwoofers feature the award winning feedback loop control technology and can be ordered with optional rigging hardware.



DSP + Amplification:

including 2x LINUS10 2-channel dsp + amplifier with built in dual comparator for optimal system control. It is designed for different systems, like the compact line array systems in combination with sensor controlled subwoofers.

including 1x LINUS14 4-channel dsp + amplifier with built in comparator for optimal system control. The compact 4 channel rack is designed for different small venues.

including 4x LINUS10 2-channel dsp + amplifier with built in dual comparator for optimal system control. It is perfect suited for large systems & configurations to get the best result on tour.

including 3x LINUS14 4-channel dsp + amplifier with built in comparator for optimal system control. It is perfect suited for large systems & configurations to get the best result on tour.


digital audio transport and distribution


Digital Audio Transport and Distribution is an essential part of Coda Audio total system solutions. LiNET transmits up to 8 digital audio signals with low latency at very long distances.

It is an extremely reliable, easy to use solution for all professional applications requiring high performance redundant digital audio transport and distribution.

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