Overview N-RAY Uncovered N-RAY is an ultra compact, 3-way line array that brings the benefits of the AiRAY technology into a shallow, lightweight cabinet for theatres, performing arts centres, and corporate events. Incorporating the latest in driver and system design technology, this next generation product boasts twice the power handling of other systems, significantly increasing […]

AiRAY Series


Overview SCN-F Uncovered Targeted towards theatres, houses of worship, corporate events, sport venues, and live sound venues, the SCN-F is a 15″ sensor controlled low frequency extension system operating from 35-200 Hz, overlapping both the low range of N-RAY and the SCV/SCP subwoofers – providing more energy and control in the lower range of the […]

ViRAY Series

N-RAY Series


Overview AiRAY Uncovered From epic stadium shows to arena tours, rock and roll clubs to intimate theatre settings, mega-churches to large corporate events, AiRAY will deliver, and some. CODA’s flagship is a three-way, full range line array system, but with a seriously cool twist. AiRAY is different. It’s louder and prouder than any conventional large-format […]

TiRAY Series


Overview Aimed specifically at medium sized tours and fixed installation, ViRAY compact line array systems have been created to truly deliver the best possible audio quality, fulfilling the exacting needs of today’s global markets and surpass the expectations of both user and listener. ViRAY systems incorporate CODA’s most advanced technologies; including the DDP-driver (Dual Diaphragm […]


Overview TiRAY is CODA Audio’s pocket rocket line array: a remarkably small-footprint, super-light, two-way passive system which packs more of a punch than many competitors’ more sizeable equivalents. This is largely down to its two 5” ultra-low distortion cone speakers, and unique 5” neodymium planar wave driver, which gives it its power and versatility. Designed […]


Overview TiLOW is the super-compact bass extension for the TiRAY line array, which increases long throw capability of the TiRAY system, and enhances its LF headroom. First and foremost, TiLOW isn’t a sub: it It does, however, operate between 44 and 300 Hz, which overlaps both the low end of TiRAY and CODA’s subwoofers, providing […]


Overview The CoRAY4L is an ultra compact low frequency extension for the CoRAY4. The cabinet contains four 5″ ultra low distortion cone speakers and features the same CMS (CODA Mobile Suspension) as the CoRAY4 for an integrated fixing solution. Models CoRAY4L Optimised for touring applications CoRAY4Li Optimised for permanent (fixed) installations