HOPS Series

High Output Point Source Systems

HOPS is a range of passive systems with outstanding output-to-size ratio. These versatile loudspeakers share many common features, enabling them to be integrated as standalone systems or used in conjunction with the wider portfolio of CODA products.

 The series ranges from the most recently added three-way dual 12” HOPS12i – which contains the very latest in CODA’s Dynamic Air Cooling (DAC) technology, exchangeable and rotatable waveguides for adjusting directivity, and uses an adapted version of the same high performance 12” neodymium cone drivers with 4” voice coils as CODA’s flagship line-array AiRAY – to the smaller two-way HOPS8 (2 x 8”) and HOPS5 (2 x 5”) enclosures.

HOPS12i addresses the requirements of larger spaces, whilst HOPS5 and HOPS8 provide the perfect solution for near-field applications in small to medium sized venues. All loudspeakers within the HOPS range maintain CODA’s signature high fidelity sound and accurate directivity.

 Whereas the HOPS12i is specifically intended for installation applications, both the HOPS8 and HOPS5 have their installation counterparts and are available as a Left or Right version with angled cabinets enabling them to be used as monitors and are also available as a T version enabling mobile applications and support.

 HOPS enclosures offer a discreet aesthetic, in keeping with the requirements of corporate settings, whilst simultaneously featuring high-tech construction and finish, enabling them to withstand the rigours of any environment. Custom colours and weatherproofing options are available to further broaden the scope of application.



High Output 3-way Full Range Point Source for Installations

2x12", 3-way high output system for installation applications


Compact 2-way High Output Point Source

2-way coherent point source, double 8” coaxial system, compact and versatile


Ultra Compact 2-way High Output Point Source

Ultra compact 2-way coherent point source, double 5” coaxial system, compact and versatile