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LINUS Control Photo
LINUS Control Photo
LINUS Control Photo

Graphical user interface for LINUS products, flexible system configuration, tuning and control, intuitive and straight forward system design

  • LINUS Control operates, controls and monitors LINUS Amplifiers and Racks, and is applicable for touring and installation applications.

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The LINUS Control application provides a reliable and ruggedized method for the control and monitoring of the CODA LINUS amplification platform. It is optimised for both Mac OSX and Windows, for both tablet and native interfaces. Bundled in the application behind the scenes is the device Firmware, Speaker Files, Control Logic and a 3rd Party UDP Control protocol that will allow for offline remote control of LINUS amplifiers from 3rd Party Devices.

The latest version of LINUS Control is v2.3 released on July 28th, 2022.

Please read all supporting documentation prior to commencing any updates on your system.

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Current Version Files

LINUS12C Firmware ToolDownload 
LINUS10 Firmware ToolDownload 
LINUS14 Firmware ToolDownload 
LINUS Control v2.3 New FeaturesDownload 
LINUS Control v2.3 Time AlignmentDownload 
LINUS Control v2.3 Update ProcedureDownload 
LINUS Control v2.3 Third Party ControlDownload 
LINUS Control v2.3 Loudspeaker File ListDownload 
LINUS Control v2.3 Operation ManualDownload 
LINUS Control v2.3 Known IssuesDownload 
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Archive Versions and Files

Older versions of the software and associated documents and files can be found here.